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See What People Are Saying About Their KnoU Romantic Compatibility Profiles
“I had some misgivings about our relationship, but the KnoU Romantic Compatibility really helped me out. I know what to expect from her because the report is very accurate in that regard.”

– Nita Weiss
Massage Therapist

– Frank Sternola
President of Starnet
“It was very enlightening to see different aspects of our relationship so clearly…”

– Elisa Arco
Interior Decorator

– Robert Arco
Corporate Risk Analyst
“It gives you a lot of insight into the
other person…”

– Kathie Flamm
Ken Nero
“It was amazing. We laughed and
joked…I loved it.”

– Forest Hamilton
Rare Coin Sales Executive
“It was almost like I was peeking under the covers to find out what the future might bring [in our relationship].”

– Marsha Reagan
Radio Advertisement Manager
“Our communication has been
a lot better”

– Devin Adam H.
Warehouse Logistics Manager

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