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See What People Are Saying About Their KnoU Personality Profiles
“The KnoU Personality Profile helped me directly in a job interview process.  The result? I recieved a wonderful job offer.”

– Melinda Mills
Certified Public Accountant
“[The reports] are really a blessing! 
Thank you very much”

– Forest Hamilton
Rare Coin Sales Executive
“The KnoU Personality Profile was
incredibly accurate . . . it helped me to understand myself”

– Frank Sternola
President of StarNet
“What was really eye-opening to me was seeing aspects of myself that I had
not tapped into.”

– Robert Arco
Corporate Risk Analyst
“It gave me some good ideas how to work with both sides of my personality to realize
my full potential.”

– Marsha Reagan
Radio Advertisement Manager
“Because I am starting my own business,
it really gave me the confidence to
work forward.”

– Elisa Arco
Interior Decorator
“It was a lot of fun looking at my Personality Profile…and it was extremely accurate.”

– Devin Adam H.
Warehouse Logistics Manager
“I found the KnoU Personlity Profile extremely accurate…it would have been helpful for me to have it in my 20s and 30s when I was going through difficult time to give me the confidence, assurance
and direction...”

– Nita Weiss
Massage Therapist

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