KnoU Personality Profile
Discover Your Hidden Talents and Abilities
and How To Make The Best Use Of Them—And Your Deepest, Heart Felt Desires and How To Fulfill Them...
A national business authority on success recently wrote, “Every individual has the potential to do great things. To reach this potential it is necessary to discover your special abilities.”

So, how can you discover these special abilities? Self-help books are a start, but they are limited in that they can only provide general information, not something that is unique to you. Personal growth classes are a little better, but can’t fully take into account everyone’s all important individual differences! The one-size-fits-all paradigm can never encompass the complexity of our human-spiritual nature. There must be a better way, and there is...
Introducing the KnoU Personality Profile,
Your Unique
  Guide for Living A Happy and Rewarding Life
We all would like to have an edge, a tool we can use to make a difference in our lives.

The KnoU Personality Profile is such a tool. This individualized profile accurately describes your unique strengths in a meaningful, in-depth and easy-to-read report all about you. It’s like getting your own personal handbook for how to live your life.

This profile clarifies your core issues relative to career, innate talents, motivations, and abilities to live in harmony with self and others—as well as pinpointing the obstacles that can be holding you back in life—helping you to empower yourself and your future.

The new insights you’ll gain about yourself through these reports can be the key to being more successful in all the important areas of your life. The KnoU Personality Profile is unlike anything you’ve experienced before!
Here’s Just a Small Sample of What You’ll Learn About Yourself
Discover important opportunities in your career and personal life that can lead you to lasting success and personal satisfaction.
Recognize your special inborn talents and abilities, and how to make the best use of them to achieve greater fulfillment in both your personal and business lives.
Get the confirmation you need to confidently move forward with your life, or the insights to help you make a necessary course correction.
Gain a competitive edge and maximize your potential by clearly seeing your unique strengths while understanding those traits that hinder your growth.
Understand your inner motivations and desires, what you really want from life, and the potential opportunities and challenges they present.
Develop those parts of yourself that are out of balance so that they work for you in positive ways instead of holding you back.
Improve specific areas of your life that give you difficulty by understanding how to master the energies that can be a source of stress for you.
Overcome stubborn challenges in areas important for your growth by clearly seeing what you need to do to move past these obstacles to your progress.
This well written and easy to understand report accurately describes your many abilities and potentials in a practical, straightforward manner. By going straight to the core of your makeup, the KnoU Personality Profile can help you to understand the many diverse and sometimes contradictory forces at work in your life.

You’ll discover new and exciting directions that you can follow with enthusiasm to help reshape your life, or confirmation that you’re already on the right path. Besides helping you in your own life, these reports can be just as important to help you better understand and guide each member of your family.
Start Living Your Life To Its Fullest Potential
with the KnoU Personality Profile, only $19.97
Here’s How Other People Have Benefited
From Their KnoU Personality Profiles

“I Was Literally Amazed At The Accuracy
Of The KnoU Personality Profile.”

My first thought was “how could a report based on my name and birth date possibly be so accurate on so many levels?” My KnoU Personality Profile has not left my desk since I received it and I refer to it constantly whenever I need insight or confirmation of my life experience.
– David Bruck, Bruck Property Management

“I Have No Idea How These Reports Are
Generated, But They Are Scary Accurate!”

I have no idea how these reports are generated, but they are scary accurate! I just read page after page and kept saying . . .“Wow”. . . that is exactly who I am but have never put it into words. I never really took the time to think about who I am at this level of detail. It is quite insightful and well worth the time.
– Ryan Jiminez, San Jose, CA
Software Programmer

“Nice To Have An Objective Measure To Help
Me Understand My Behaviors.”

What a great resource! It is so easy to get caught up in emotions and get a cloudy sense of my motivations. It is nice to have an objective measure to help me understand my behaviors.
– Megan Hallock, Financing Officer
Boston, MA

“I Found The KnoU Personality Profile
To Be So Refreshing.”

I had not taken the time to look inward in many years. I just got into a routine and became a hammer hitting a nail. That is why I found the KnoU Personality Profile to be so refreshing. It was a great guide to help me take a step back and look at the big picture. Am I doing what is best for my skill set and desires? In these tough economic times, particularly with many people changing jobs, everyone is looking for an edge to improve their situation. The Personality Report gave me that advantage by reminding me how to leverage my greatest strengths.
– Brad Murdock, Financial Analyst
Your Unique and Individual
KnoU Personality Profile is only $19.97
How Does It Work?
Everything in the universe vibrates at its own particular frequency. By finding the vibration rate of any object, you can establish the qualities and energies associated with it. By applying the principles of the Science of Numerology, a practice that can be traced back some 10,000 years to Egypt and Babylonia, you can determine your major frequencies.

A numerical analysis of these calculated frequencies—using only your name and birth date as the basic data—provides significant information about your personality and character. Using a combination of modern numerology and practical psychology, the KnoU Personality Profile reveals the meaning of the letters and numbers associated with your name and birth date—in an unusually insightful way.

By the way, you may be surprised to learn that Pythagoras, who developed many of the basic theorems that form the foundation of present-day mathematics (including the right triangle theorem taught in math classes today) is credited with formally organizing the field about 2600 years ago in ancient Greece.
Extensive Research Validates Accuracy
of KnoU Profiles
Interestingly, extensive research was done on numerology by the Association for Research and Enlightenment, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This resulted in the publication of “New Findings In Numerology” by Mark Thurston, Ph.D. in their Venture Inward magazine.

The article summarized their research confirming the validity of numerology using the identical information contained in the KnoU Profiles. Their most significant finding—based on over 1,000 participants—was that the accuracy of these reports was a remarkably high 90%!
Venture Inward article, “New Findings in Numerology”, by Mark Thurston, Ph.D.
Here’s More of How Other People Have Benefited
From Their KnoU Personality Profiles

“The Information Was Spot On, And It Helped To
Describe Traits And Characteristics That I Sensed I
Have, But Could Not Verbalize.”

I was absolutely amazed by the accuracy of my profile given that it is based solely on my name at birth, current name and birth date. The information was spot on, and it helped to describe traits and characteristics that I sensed I have, but could not verbalize.

The KnoU Personality Profile directly assisted me in a job interview process. Verbatim, I used sentences and language from the profile to describe my strengths and attributes in the business world. I would not have been able to communicate these traits as accurately or as elegantly without the aid of the Personality Profile. The result? I received a wonderful job offer!
– Melinda Mills, Certified Public Accountant

“The KnoU Personality Profile Helped Make It Clear
That I Was Heading In The Wrong Direction.”

After knocking my head against the wall in multiple careers that didn’t fit for me, the KnoU Personality Profile helped make it clear that I was heading in the wrong direction. The report is a nice way to isolate your strengths to make more efficient use of your time.
– Morgan Daugherty, Banking Associate
Newark, NJ

“The Reports Gave Me A Better Understanding
Of My Husband And Children, And Why They
Think And Act The Way They Do.”

I was intrigued but skeptical about the KnoU Profiles. My first thought was that they would be like all the other personality profiles that I have taken over the years. I found that not to be true. These profiles are unique in that they not only address traits and abilities, but focus a lot on personal potential. I found the reports to be extremely accurate as they described me and my family quite well.

The bottom line is the KnoU Personality Profile was very beneficial to me in many ways. First and foremost, it helped me realize how important my intuitive ability is in my life, and how if I accept my abilities and continue to grow in this area, my overall life will continue to improve. It also gave me a better understanding of my husband and children and why they think and act the way they do. I highly recommend the KnoU Profiles to anyone considering it. If it helps you just make one change in your life or helps you discover something new about you or a family member that is helpful, then it is well worth it.
– Marla Williams, Sammamish, Washington
Marketing & Business Consultant

“It Really Gave Me Tremendous
Insight And Validation.”

I think the most valuable thing about the KnoU Personality Profile is that it tells you things about yourself that validate the good, that validate the kind of things that you could do with your life; it shows you your strengths rather than concentrating on what we all know our weaknesses are. It really gave me tremendous insight and validation.

My career now has progressed to the point where I am very self sufficient, very independent and very successful. I really attribute a lot of that to the validation I received in the profile.
– Lilian Lesefko
What Can It Do For You?
Whether you use the KnoU Personality Profile to examine your life, take advantage of unexplored opportunities, confirm talents that in your heart you know are there, or simply to figure out where to go next, these profiles can be a penetrating tool to help you better understand yourself.

You’ll see the whole picture for the first time, including all the diverse parts of your personality and how they uniquely come together to make the person you are. Through this complete view you’ll be able to make the most of your strengths in a way that wasn’t possible before.
Get 2 FREE Special Reports worth $94 when you
order your KnoU Personality Profile for only $19.97
Get 2 FREE Special Reports Worth $94—Filled With Priceless
Wisdoms—When You Order Your KnoU Personality Profile
When you order the KnoU Personality Profile you will get 2 free indepth reports, “Opening The Mind, Igniting The Heart” and “10 Winning Strategies for Loving, Successful Relationships” by Cheryl A. Malakoff, Ph.D., a psychologist and teacher with 25 years experience helping others to realize their true potential.

These special reports are filled with priceless wisdoms that can help you to empower your own life as well as your romantic relationships. Valued at $94, these exclusive gifts are a natural compliment to your profile, and can further enhance your life experience!
FREE Bonus eBook, “Opening the Mind, Igniting the Heart”, by Cheryl A. Malakoff, Ph.D. BONUS #1: “Opening The Mind, Igniting The Heart”

Filled with profound, universal truths, this powerful report reveals important life lessons we all experience at one time or another in an easy to read and understand format. The author provides 144 “stepping stones,” based on her own life experiences, to help lead you towards self-empowerment. These truths can also be used as powerful affirmations that act as valuable guideposts for your personal transformation.
FREE Bonus eBook, “10 Winning Strategies for Loving, Successful Relationships”, by Cheryl A. Malakoff, Ph.D. BONUS #2: “10 Winning Strategies for Loving, Successful Relationships”

This perceptive report combines the author’s 25 years of experience working with couples with her deep spiritual insights to give you the important keys that lead to more loving, fulfilling relationships. Discover what makes the difference between a relationship that struggles and one that’s successful, and why some couples are best friends while others feel like enemies. This priceless information can really make a difference, not just in your relationships but in your entire life!.
Find Out Now What Your Name Reveals About You.
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This is your chance to find out what the KnoU Personality Profiles have to say about you—and your family and close friends.

And, with our 30 Day Unconditional, Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose. If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your reports, just click on the Customer Service link at the bottom of the page to get a full refund—and keep the 2 Free Special Reports as our way of saying thank you for trying the KnoU Personality Profile.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
In difficult times, no one can afford to waste time or energy on unproductive and unsatisfying dead-end goals. The KnoU Personality Profile can really make a difference by confirming you’re on the right path.

Now is the time to act. Don’t wait another moment to get your KnoU Personality Profile for yourself, loved ones and friends. Life is too short to not be living up to your full potential!
Get Your KnoU Personality Profile for only $19.97
This inspiring report will give you new insight into your character and personality. You’ll discover the important lessons you’re here to learn, as well as your hidden talents and abilities and how to make the best use of them. You’ll cleary see your deepest inner desires and how to fulfill them, the environment in which you work best, and the ways you relate to other people. With this report you’ll be able to recognize opportunities that can open the way to new and even more favorable possibilities in your life! And, if you’re in any kind of relationship, getting reports for both of you can be very enlightening.
Start Living Your Life To Its Fullest Potential
with the KnoU Personality Profile, only $19.97