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30 Day Money-Back Gurantee

30 Day Unconditional, Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee
KnoU Personality Profile   $19.97
Discover Your Hidden Strengths and Talents and How to Make the Best Use of Them
This inspiring report will give you new insight into your character and personality. You'll discover the important lessons you're here to learn, as well as your hidden talents and abilities and how to make the best use of them. You'll cleary see your deepest inner desires and how to fulfill them, the environment in which you work best, and the ways you relate to other people. With this report you'll be able to recognize opportunities that can open the way to new and even more favorable possibilities in your life! And, getting reports for your romantic partner and children is a great way to deepen your understanding of these important people in your life.

I found the Personality Profile to be so refreshing. It was a great guide to help me take a step back and look at the big picture, helping me to leverage my greatest strengths during these tough economic times.
– Brad Murdock, Financial Analyst
KnoU Romantic Compatibility   $24.97
Discover How to Bring More Love, Joy and Understanding into Your Romantic Relationships
Developed exclusively for couples, this report can help you to better understand and improve your intimate relationships. Giving you a fresh look at the influences at work in both your lives, this highly insightful report is full of practical suggestions for building a stronger and more meaningful life together. Learn how to be more loving and affectionate with each other, and sensitive to your own and each other's feelings. Understand each other's sexual needs and desires as well as how to improve your communications together. This report is a must for all couples, new and old, and can help bring more love, joy and understanding into your lives!

I was surprised at the depth of insight included in the Romantic Compatibility Profile and the key details that were dead on and specific to myself and husband. It has proved to be a valuable tool for coupling and personal growth.
– Joy Saunders, Technical Editor
KnoU One-Year Outlook   $24.97
Discover How to Navigate the Opportunites and Challenges of the Next 12 Months
Now you can understand the important yearly and monthly influences that will affect you during the next 12 months. You'll learn the best times to devote to home and family, to start a new business venture or find a new job, to begin a romance, or to make money or to change your residence. Make the most of your important life experiences by taking advantage of favorable circumstances that can advance your life, and by being in position to minimize potential difficulties before they occur. This powerful and insightful report can help guide you in getting the most out of the coming year by revealing the major opportunities that can move your career and personal life forward!

My forecast this year has helped me tremendously with the transitions I am going through. When I read this report, I had such a sigh of relief! It has given me so much clarity. And, the month to month accuracy has been amazing!
– Susan Maguire, Advanced Skin Care
KnoU Life Snapshots   $19.97
Discover How to Achieve Money, Status and Power—and Build Confidence and Self-esteem
This exciting report will provide insights into your life's purpose and special abilities, clarify an important area that is key to your growth and show how to turn an inherent weakness into a strength. You'll learn how to achieve money, status and power, build confidence and self-esteem, be more successful in your job, create more joy in your life, improve your relationships, receive more appreciation and attain more personal satisfaction. This report will inspire and encourage you as it helps you to deepen your self-understanding, and is a great complement to the Personality Profile.

I wish the Life Snapshots was around when I was in my 30s. Back then I had doubts about myself. I was locked into a job I didn’t like and did not know how to get out of it. If I had known then what I know now from this report, I would have jumped and started my own business and done much better then I did.
– Frank Sternola, President of Starnet
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