Achieve Optimum Health, Thriving
Relationships and Financial Success!

Revolutionary New Healing System Removes The
Root Causes of Persistent Health, Relationship and Financial
Challenges By Dissolving Your Soul, Mind, Body Blockages

From: Cheryl A. Malakoff, Ph.D.

Dear Health Seeker,

rue freedom is the power to direct your life towards any chosen purpose—bringing your desired future into your present. If you’re like most people, though, your life has been defined by the upper limits of your power to choose. It is as though the life you were meant to live was side-tracked by health restrictions, relationship limitations or financial challenges.

Along the way you’ve probably made numerous attempts to move through these persistent limitations that have relentlessly hijacked your hopes and thwarted your goals. In fact, you’ve most likely tried to overcome these obstacles many times. It’s akin to digging out obstinate weeds; they seem to be gone for awhile, but because their roots run deep and the seeds remain, they invariably reappear again. Most of us are resigned to this predicament as part of the human condition and have done our best to adapt!

The price of having to accept the unacceptable, though, is very high. Blockages are unnatural and are not Nature’s way. The natural, unimpeded state of every human being is health, happiness, freedom and empowerment.

When your essential nature is unobstructed, your soul, mind, body energy can be freely expressed and experienced as:
  • Radiant health, strong immunity, youthful effervesce, energetic resiliency, deep pockets of energy reserves, passion for life and a re-calibrating of the upper limits of longevity. 
  • Thriving relationships that are intimate, nurturing, joyful and inspire your best qualities.
  • Financial and business flourishing that comes from converting your creative ideas into physical form.
All of these qualities—and countless more—are an inborn part of your true, unobstructed nature. Health, happiness and intelligence are not created, but are an inherent aspect of your being. By dissolving the root causes of any blockages, the results are the ability to rejuvenate your body, restructure your mind sets and restore abundance in all significant areas of your life—including health, relationships, finances and business.

Does Life Really Have To Be Such A Struggle?

So, why is there apparently so much frustration and suffering, endless struggles, and life-long challenges? The answer is simple: all obstacles in every aspect of your life—whether health challenges, relationship problems, financial difficulties—are the result of blockages at the soul, mind and/or body levels.

These obstacles can come in many forms and include:

  • Body blockages—energy restrictions and physical obstructions
  • Mind blockages—negative mind-sets, attitudes, beliefs, and ego attachments
  • Soul blockages—consequences of past negative actions

The important themes of your life—the opportunities you magnetize, your degree of radiant health, the relationships you draw in, the success of your business, your level of financial flourishing—all happen precisely in accordance with your core soul, mind, body blockages.

The root cause of every blockage is the effect of one’s past actions. This is the Law of Reciprocity, commonly referred to as Karma—the personal record of good or poor service. Each person by their thoughts and actions becomes the creator of their destiny. Whatever one wisely or ignorantly has set in motion must return in like kind (cause and effect). The Law of Reciprocity is the origin of every experience of successful achievement and disappointing breakdown in all facets of life.

The form that these blockages take are unique to each individual. And although there are many kinds of symptoms such as: physical/health challenges, mental/emotional disturbances, business/financial difficulty or spiritual separation, there is only one root cause for all these significant life deficiencies—your soul, mind, body blockages.

There Must Be An Answer

The average life is often experienced like a ‘roller coaster’ with seemingly endless repetitious patterns of ups and downs with no guarantees of any lasting happiness. No matter how much you accomplish, effort, or acquire, there never appears to be a permanent resolution to life’s endless problems-to-be-solved.

Life’s challenges such as physical pain, emotional distress, mental anguish and spiritual longing are unresolved aspects of the soul, mind and body. The primary contributory reason that any area remains as pain in your life is to awaken the dormant and underdeveloped aspects of yourself so they can heal and integrate into your greater wholeness.

Paradoxically, the areas that you are most blocked in hold your greatest treasures and are the gateway to your fullest self-empowerment. To the degree you currently experience obstacles in your path is to the degree your untapped potential to heal and flourish is possible. As these disruptive blockages are dissolved, your inherent connectedness to the ‘greater whole’ becomes more tangible.

This is the expression of your higher human nature—no longer fragmented, but more fully and consciously alive. As more of your true nature is experienced, your life is filled with ever-new happiness and peace. Ultimately, the power of this freedom is to express your unique soul qualities in a way that makes other’s lives healthier and happier. The great secret to a significant and well lived life is in giving your soul’s gifts to others.

Introducing The Soul, Mind, Body Science Healing System

As human beings we are a union of a physical body composed of energy and matter, a mind defined by consciousness, and a soul as an individualized aspect of Spirit. We are not limited by our genetic inheritance, but rather have an infinitively flexible state of vibrant life force that is capable of catalyzing unlimited desired outcomes.

Traditional models of healing often have limited impact on persistent and challenging life circumstances because they usually do not reach the core source of the underlying conditions. Western medicine almost exclusively addresses the level of physical matter only. Traditional Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture and herbs, accesses and concentrates on the energy level. Psychology and other related systems operate at the mental and emotional levels. However, the deep roots and hidden seeds of persistent conditions are created at the soul level, which few approaches can reliably and effectively access.

The Soul, Mind, Body Science Healing System is a breakthrough model introduced by a world renowned master healer, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha—a very advanced spiritual teacher from China who was also trained as a conventional medical doctor and a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Soul, Mind, Body Science Healing System works at the level of causation by transforming the root underlying energy patterns where the seeds of the conditions originated. This healing method embodies a significantly higher frequency and vibration than the core blockages. It is a quantum healing system, and as such, is not limited by the restrictions of time or distance.

Heal Every Aspect Of Your Life!

“Heal and transform the soul first, then healing and
transformation of the mind and body will follow.”
– Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

Since the energy quality and healing resonance of the Soul, Mind, Body Science Healing System is at a much higher vibrational level than the encoded thoughts, imprinted conditioning and inherited traumatic memories, it is able to address the root causes of why the underlying conditions were originally created. This healing system, through a process of purification, dispels the obstacles at the deepest organizational and formative levels—resulting in spontaneous changes that enliven previously blocked areas.

This healing approach creates profound, lasting, effortless changes that endure and deepen over time. The result is the freedom and power to choose a more enriched and complete life. Where energy is unrestricted, life flourishes and grows.

Each person—given their unique soul, mind, body blockages—will experience this transformational healing in their own distinct way. For some individuals, clearing the blockages is like dislodging a logjam that is preventing the free-flow of energy in a stream. Removing these obstacles is fairly straightforward and substantial results may be experienced fairly rapidly. Others soul, mind, body blockages can be likened to dismantling the Hoover Dam—a much more complex project. It can take a longer period of time to experience the desired healing given the long standing underlying conditions. And like all worthy projects that endure, requires patience and persistence to achieve.

The Soul, Mind, Body Science Healing System creates these profound changes in your life through daily, remote transmissions of intelligent healing energy that gradually dissolves away the blockages that are the root cause of your underlying conditions.

The Soul, Mind, Body Science Healing System:

  • Is compatible with western medicine, alternative healing modalities and all other healing systems.
  • Empowers individuals to assume a proactive and significant role in their health and healing.
  • Is life transformative by clearing the blockages and addressing the ‘how and why’ these underlying conditions exist, helping to bring your whole system back into a state of balance.
  • Restores the natural healing power at the body-mind-being levels through new applications of ancient principles and cutting edge science, with no adverse side effects.
  • Makes all other effort-based methods of change and development practically obsolete.

How Does This Work?

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.
– Albert Einstein

Just as the earth has an atmosphere around it that supports, protects and sustains life on the planet, so too, the human body has a subtle energy atmosphere surrounding it. This invisible subtle energy, though intangible to the outer five senses, is an information conduit that converts vital life force into a type of energy that the body can utilize for the power of healing and rejuvenation.

Life is like a symphony—and you are the composer of your own masterpiece. Often, very beautiful music is produced; however, when the soul, heart, mind and body arrangements are out-of-balance there can be disharmony resulting in unpleasant noise.

After your blockages have been removed, your soul becomes the orchestra conductor. It directs ‘who, what, where, when and why’ for all the key players. The soul carries the score, all the notes to be played, and most importantly, the wisdom to execute the composition in perfect harmony. The soul directs the heart, the heart inspires the mind, and the mind directs the body’s actions.

When synchronized the heart and mind follow the soul’s guidance, resulting in an alignment of intentions, thoughts, and actions. What the heart realizes the mind will pursue and your body will fulfill. An open heart guided by the unobstructed soul is unlimited. The result is a life lived in harmony and balance with vitality, health, thriving relationships and financial success!

My Qualifications To Offer This Sacred Healing Work

As a teacher, therapist and student of many spiritual traditions for over forty-five years, the principle theme in my life has been the relentless pursuit of the most effective healing models that could restore health. Although trained as a traditional doctor of psychology, in my heart, I knew there had to be better answers and more elegant techniques to alleviate the ever-present underlying conditions that causes so much suffering in the world.

The universe’s response to this life-long quest has lead me to enlighten masters that have trained me to fulfill this mission.

In 2010, I met my current spiritual teacher, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, and have received advanced training that has lead to my certification as a Tao Calligrapher Healer—one of the most advanced healing practices of the Soul, Mind, Body Science Healing System. As an unparalleled healing system, I am honored and privileged to be able to offer this service to you today.

I’ve also had the privilege to work with Dr. and Master Hai for nine years who has played an important role in expanding my intuition and healing abilities.
Additionally, I have extensive training in other energy medicine methods and healing systems—including radiesthesia (remote/distance healing), meridian therapies (Emotional Freedom Technique) and kinesiology, as well as epigenetics and psychoneuroimunology (the study of the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the human body).

Since 1988 to the present, I have been the Director of Wellness Through Awareness and have specialized in the art and science of transformation, including twenty years of extensive research and experience with the Transformation Lessons—a revolutionary method of movement communication that activates and deepens special abilities that are inherent to the human-spiritual template. I was trained directly by Robert Raleigh, the founder and developer of this significant body of work.

What Others Have Experienced

(Note: Because of legal and ethical privacy concerns, case numbers instead of actual names are used in the testimonials below.)

A Life Adrift Becomes Highly Focused and Back on Track

“Since graduating college several years ago, I haven’t been able to figure out what to do with my life. I was feeling depressed, lethargic, a generalized anxiety and basically just drifting. I was sleeping poorly, my diet was toxic, my lifestyle sedentary and wasn’t even interested in dating. I was working to get by, but not satisfied or fulfilled. My life was going backwards.

Then in July 2014, I met with Dr. Malakoff and began receiving the daily remote healings. At first I didn’t see any changes and was initially discouraged. Then, after the third week, I began to notice more energy and spontaneously I experienced a surge of motivation—I was ready to make a shift. I was committed to improving my life. I went from drowning in what felt like quicksand to a new sense of purpose. I easily lost 20 pounds that first month, I wanted to begin dating again and I began in earnest on a new career path. As month two and three progressed, my life just continued to get better and better. My attitude went from being fearful to being optimistic. I went from ‘not caring’ to making more conscious, healthy choices and put my body back in order. I felt healthy, positive and motivated.

Historically, even though I wanted to make these changes, I just fought ‘doing the right thing,’ with a lot of resistance. Before it was an uphill climb since my old toxic habits were so difficult to break out of. These remote treatments have ‘jump started my new life.’ I can feel it working daily and maintaining my new choices is more effortless.

After ten months of experiencing the power of these treatments, I have a new purpose in life. I’ve found my ‘soul mate.’ And I am no longer afraid to be successful, and now keep discovering more and more of my gifts and talents. I just want to be of service and help people. Before I didn’t feel like I was ‘good enough’ and now I know ‘I am good enough,’ feeling more powerful and liberated.”

– Case No. 101, Male, Age 30, Manager

Business Grows and Energy, Stamina and Vitality Improve

“Dr. Malakoff is truly is an expert in her profession, and the most outstanding results from her work have ensued since we have been working together with her calligraphy treatments for nearly 10 months. When starting off with the calligraphy work I essentially summarized to her my basic life challenges and main issues. My particular health problems, financial issues and relationship challenges were quite complex and compounded over many years, and were continuously stressful and draining to my overall daily life.

Since Dr. Malakoff has started her calligraphy work with me, I have watched dramatic changes throughout the latter aspects of my life. In approximately ten months my business has grown over one third larger. The most obvious results with my company’s business growth are the clients who shut me out for nearly five years have now contacted me to set up accounts which is just astounding!

Regarding my health issues, I have seen actual physical changes such as a detached retina that healed with considerably more sight than the surgeons ever expected. I’m experiencing more stamina, and most impressive, is a new calm and peace in my body that I’m feeling every day. Not surprising, with my financial growth and more rejuvenated health, my relationships with family and friends has been that much better. Dr. Malakoff’s calligraphy work has been profoundly moving to me and I thank God for such a gift!”

– Case No. 103, Male, Age 58, Business Owner

Knee Surgery Canceled

“Within a few weeks of working with these remote daily healing treatments I noticed that my habitual gloomy and negative moods brightened considerably. My energy has also improved and I was able to become more physically active and resume more of my previous activities such as gardening and home maintenance. Also, I had been evaluated for fairly invasive knee surgery and after a few months of this treatment, I decided to cancel my surgery in that my knee no longer posed the serious limitations that it had prior to this therapy; for that alone, I am very grateful.”

– Case No. 104, Male, Age 65, Retired Social Worker

‘Forgets’ To Take Back Pain Medication

“I began working with Dr. Malakoff in July 2014 for the purpose of seeing if I could improve my chronic back pain. I had injured my lower back by falling down a flight of stairs some 25 year ago and had episodically sought out alternative means of alleviating the lower back pain. However, as I’ve gotten older the pain has become more and more acute and was only managed by progressively heavier dosages of anti-inflammatory and pain medications. The back pain was now limiting my activities such as yoga and gardening. I sought out medial intervention that suggested initially steroid injections and ultimately a surgery was scheduled in October 2014. After several months of receiving these remote daily treatments, my back pain began to recede. I was now routinely ‘forgetting’ to take any pain medication. I was also able to resume my daily yoga stretches on the floor. This was a great improvement.”

– Case No. 105, Female, Age 67, Bookkeeper

Stressful Life Replaced With a New Sense of Peace and Energy

“Years of stress had taken it’s toll—on all levels. Depleted of energy, less resilient, unusual aches and pains, difficulty sleeping, depression mixed with anxiety were constant companions. Six weeks of calligraphy healing has turned this around. Miraculous. A newfound sense of peace has emerged. For the first time in years I feel rested when I wake in the morning. My energy and interest in life has returned. My hair had turned dry, brittle and was falling out in clumps—now it is smooth and growing back. My overall state of health is so much improved, friends ask what I am doing differently or if I have been on vacation. The answer is I have been blessed to receive calligraphy healing from Dr. Cheryl Malakoff.”

– Case No. 108, Female, Age 55, High Profile Professional

Genuine Self Emerges After a Life of Suppressing Emotions

“Surprisingly, the first thing that I have noticed is that my emotions are closer to the surface. I have spent decades hiding my feelings from myself and others. Now it’s like the gates are open and the walls have come down. I used to be afraid of my strong emotions, especially anger. I didn’t want to recognize or accept my strong feelings. But, now I am more comfortable on how to use these feelings as guides and as a source of directing their power in a new way. I realize I’m very sensitive, and now I understand that I can be both sensitive and strong at the same time. I feel more authentic. Genuine to my truer self.

I am now more able to express myself in alignment with my truth and able to express my feelings more visibly and comfortably. This is a huge shift. Even the old ‘trick’ to deny my feelings just doesn’t work anymore. I’m not stuffing my feelings away anymore just to function. This has given me so much more freedom to create. I’m writing songs and journaling again. I had shut those outlets of myself off years ago. Now they are awake again. Even my voice is different. It seems bolder. I am definitely standing in my power more.”

– Case No. 115, Female, Age 35, Manager

Emotional Reactivity Falls Away and a New Young Woman Emerges

“My 17 year old daughter was prone to unpredictable mood swings accompanied by bouts of fatigue and mild depression. With a genetic and familial predisposition to narcissism—unacceptable and unrealistic attitudes and behaviors were manifesting in inappropriate demands, unrealistic expectations and creating conflicts in interpersonal relationships. Within several weeks of the Calligraphy healings, I observed she grew more steady and even-keeled, much less reactive. By the second month the mood swings were measurably less often and less extreme. She had more energy and to my surprise started to take responsibility for herself and life.

Many changes and adjustments in the way she sees herself and others have become manifest. We are now almost a year with this treatment and the turn around is enormous. These shifts are not merely attributable to maturity because instead of her becoming more ingrained in her ways or traits—the negatives are being shed—and a much different young woman has emerged. I truly believe that the Calligraphy healings have dissipated some very dark genetic-karma on levels that traditional therapy would takes years to unravel—if ever. It is as though a dark cloud has been lifted from her ‘being.’ I highly recommend embracing these Calligraphy healings.”

– Case No. 116, Female, Age 17, High School Student

Disclaimer : The above are examples of the benefits my clients have received as their soul, mind, body blockages were cleared. No claim is made that you will experience similar results. Each person—given their unique soul, mind, body blockages—will experience this work in their own unique way and timeframe.

How You Can Experience This Profound
Healing System For Your Own Life Challenges

Receiving the Soul, Mind, Body Science Healing System is a powerful personal experience. The purification of blockages and acceleration of transformation are the pillars of this healing system.

Because I will be personally supporting you on this powerful journey, I can only accept a few individuals at this time. Therefore, I am suggesting the following as considerations for your participation:

  • A sincere desire to heal and accelerate the transformation of your soul, heart, mind and body.
  • A willingness to create a healing partnership beginning with a personal interview to assess your current condition and desired goals.
  • A willingness to be available for ongoing support via telephone, e-mail or webinars in order to assist your process and monitor your progress.
  • The fee for this service will be discussed during our initial interview.

You are a creator, with each decision and every action you make setting a course towards a destination that is either life enhancing or life depleting. In every moment, you choose which pathway to pursue that designs your life. The ultimate purpose is an awakening to the realization of your highest life calling—the responsibility to become ever-more conscious of your power to create the life you were meant to live.

If you are ready to take the next step, please email me today to setup a telephone appointment. During this call we will further discuss this most profound journey—that we will walk together! Please include your telephone number, time zone,  your city, state and country, and the best time to call you (for your time zone).

The initial consultation is free and will be used to determine if this work is appropriate for you, and to answer any questions you may have. And, because this service is offered through remote transmissions—there is no need to be in each other’s presence, so you can receive the healing sessions wherever you are in the world.

Disclaimer: The information presented, and the results expressed, are entirely for information purposes only and are not intended as specific health recommendations or medical advice for any condition or individual. The content in this paper should never be construed as a substitute for professional medical advice from a licensed health care professional. If you are experiencing a health concern, immediately seek out and speak to your doctor regarding your condition.

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